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Vimentin IHC,  Rabbit IHC Staining Kit
Catalog Number:IRSK8002

Real-one Rabbit IHC Staining Kit

  • IHC
  • DAB brown
  • All-in-One
Reactivity Rabbit

MW -

Product Includes

  • Antigen retrieval buffer
  • Hydrogen peroxidase block
  • High effect immunoblock
  • Rabbit probe HRP
  • DAB chromogen (20X DAB buffer)
  • Counter strain Hematoxylin
  • Antibody dilution buffer
KIT CONTENTS Description Format Recommend time
Hydrogen Peroxide Block 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with less than 0.1% Ready to Use sodium azide. Ready to Use 10-20 minutes.
Immunoblock PBS solution, pH 7.6, with 0.5% BSA, and less than 0.1% Ready to Use sodium azide. Ready to Use 10-30 minutes.
Rabbit Probe HRP Conjugated HRP Reactive with rabbit primary Ready to Use antibodies. Ready to Use 30-45 minutes.
DAB Chromogen (20x) 3,3' Diaminobenzidine (DAB) chromogen Concentrate Diluted with DAB Buffer (chromogen 1part: buffer 19 parts)
DAB Buffer Substrate buffer, pH 7.5 with hydrogen peroxide Ready to Use 1-10 minutes.
Hematoxylin Hydrogen peroxide Ready to Use 0.5-1 minutes.
Antigen retrieval buffer 20X Citrate Buffer (pH6) 20X
Antibody dilution buffer Primary antibody and incubate according to manufacturer's protocol Ready to Use

Staining Protocol :

1. Deparaffinize and rehydrate formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue section.

2. Add enough drops of Hydrogen Peroxide Block to cover the sections. Incubate for 10 minutes. Wash 2 times in PBS buffer.

3. Perform appropriate pretreatment if required. Wash 3 times in PBS buffer.

4. Apply Immunoblock and incubate for 10-30 minutes at room temperature to block non-specific background staining. Wash 2 times in PBS buffer.

5. Apply rabbit primary antibody and incubate according to manufacturer's protocol.

6. Wash 3 times in PBS buffer.

7. Apply Rabbit Probe HRP and incubate for 30 minutes at room temperature. Wash 3 times in PBS buffer.

8. Add 50 μl DAB Chromogen to 950ul of DAB Buffer (20X dilution), mix by swirling and apply to tissue. Incubate for 1-10 minutes. Rinse 4 times in PBS buffer.

9. Rinse slide in tap water.

10. Apply Hematoxylin counterstain according to manufacturer’s instructions (optional).

11. Dehydrate if required and cover slips.

Application Dilution



Store at 2-8 °C, Expired date: 18-24 months

Specificity / Sensitivity


Source / Immunogen


The reagents in this kit constitute a biotin-free immunoenzymatic antigen detection system. This technique involves the sequential incubation of the specimen with an unconjugated primary antibody specific to the target antigen, a secondary antibody- HRP conjugate which reacts with rabbit primary antibody, and substrate-chromogen (DAB).

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