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Phage Display and Recombinant Antibody Services

Recombinant antibodies, unlike the traditional hybridoma antibodies, its unique advantages in customization, high-throughput production and large-scale antibody production. Due to their low lot-to-lot variability and high specificity, recombinant antibodies are being touted as the future of antibodies in research. This means the diverse set applications utilizing antibodies such as immunodiagnostics and other biologics-based analytical research can benefit greatly from recombinant antibodies. iReal Biotechnology provides a flexible, one-stop solution for recombinant antibody development needs.

The phage display is also a technology for the generation of high quality candidates for human and veterinary therapeutic applications.

  • Immune library from immunized animals or donors
  • High throughput screening system
  • Recombinant antibody production (several formats available)
The Advantage of Recombinant Antibodies
What are Recombinant Antibodies?
What are the Various Types of Recombinant Antibody Fragments?

  • Fv, variable fragment
  • scFv, single chain Fv in which light and heavy chain fragments
  • (scFv)2, fragment that consists of two scFv molecules connected by a disulfide bond
  • dsFv, variable fragment stabilized by additional intramolecular disulfide bond
  • Fab- and (Fab)2, fragments
  • VH, heavy chain variable domain
  • A Single domain antibody (sdAb)