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Custom Antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies are a heterogeneous mix of immunoglobulins derived from various B cells that individually target distinct epitopes on an immunogen. All antibodies are made to standards outlined in quality management systems ISO 13485:2016, resulting in exceptional manufacturing and quality control expertise that translates into reliable antibody reagents. Let . iReal Biotechnology help you develop the ideal polyclonal antibodies to accelerate your research progress.
Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production
Using a defined immunization, boost and bleed schedule, and purification methods, we develop highly specific polyclonal antibodies for your application. We offer polyclonal development rabbits and can convert to recombinant monoclonal antibodies if the need arises to secure long term supply.

Our custom polyclonal antibody process includes:
  • Immunize, boost, and test bleed
  • Production bleeds
  • Serum pooling
  • Purification
  • QC Testing 
  • Key Design and Production Features
    1.Precise Antigen Design
    Professional epitope design to optimize immunogen synthesis, solubility and antigenicity properties.
    2. Production of immunogens
    Efficient production of high-quality peptide or protein immunogens.
    3. High efficiency immunization
    Enhanced cocktail immunization techniques.
    4. Specific purification
    Antigen-affinity chromatography purification of antibodies.
    5. Good Practice For Antibody Manufacturing
    All antibodies are made to standards outlined in quality management systems ISO 13485:2016
    Our Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Process
    Each project is performed in distinct phases—and you decide if and when to initiate each phase.

    Phase 1: Antigen Design and Preparation

    • Precise epitope Design
    • Protein, recombinant or purified
    • Synthetic peptide Modified peptide

    Phase 2: Polyclonal Antibody Development

    During polyclonal antibody development, we immunize based on the schedule you request and can recommend an adjuvant to achieve your project goals. We provide a pre-bleed serum for screening in your labs and can also use our experience and monitoring of the antibody-mediated immune response to make recommendations prior to the collection of production bleeds.

    Procdeure Description
    Control Serum Collection Pre-immune bleed (3 mL per rabbit)
    Immunization Protein antigen: 3-4 times
    Peptide antigen: 5-6 times
    Serum Collection Obtain anti-serum (40 mL per rabbit)
    Anti-serum verify Verified by Dot blot or specific WB
    Antibody purification Antibody purified by antigen affinity
    Antibody verify Verified by WB or other application

    CustomFlow Chart for Polyclonal Antibody Production

    Pre-immune bleed (3 mL per rabbit)
    3-5 mg antibody (antigen purified)
    Report of antibody validation
    Report of antigen by LC-MS
    Design sequence